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We make awesome and usefull script for BoL, always up to date and easy to use !

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AmberCarries is ...

Easy to use

AmberCarries can give you optimal result with default configuration

Push your ranking

With AmberCarries, you can easily carry the game and get a win !

Cloudrop compatible

AmberCarries is compatible with Cloudrop for a better user experience !

Up to Date

AmberCarries is always up to date for the last BoL/Cloudrop version !

Destroy your oppenents

You can make profesionnal move easily, only by pressing the spacebar !

Become the best

Become the best player of your team, choose between multiple ADC, and win !


The security of our customers is very important, we always do the best for protecting you !

Made with Love

AmberCarries is made with love, and try to be always the best for you !


Wall Jump

Jump easily over a wall with one key !

High Combo Logic

AmberCarries always try to use the best Combo, for epic move !

Advanced calculations

We calculate informations about your damage, your ennemies, ...

High Performance

AmberCarries is made with performance in mind !

Anti Gap-Closer

AmberCarries keep an eye on your opponents, and stop gap-closer spells !

Interrupt Spells

AmberCarries try to interrupt dangerous spells from ennemy !

Bush Revealer

Use a ward / trinket when an ennemy try to hide in a bush !

Extra Drawing

Configure all the drawing for your need, show combo draw, ...



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15 $


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